Are There Benefits to Wearing Blue Light Glasses All Day?

Are There Benefits to Wearing Blue Light Glasses All Day?

December 31, 2020

Research says that natural blue light is beneficial because it weakens as the sun sets. Artificial blue light is harmful because it comes in high levels at all hours of the day. Because most people are resorting to online work, their exposure to synthetic blue light has reached harmful levels. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that synthetic blue light causes digital eyestrain and other eye issues after at least two hours of using digital devices. To reduce or even prevent discomfort from artificial blue light exposure, experts recommend wearing blue light glasses. If you want to find out about the benefits of wearing blue light glasses all day, here’s what you should know.

Filter Out the Bad Blue Light

Because of your frequent use of digital devices, you also need protection from harmful blue light when you go outside. With blue light lenses, your eyes only get beneficial natural blue light from the sun. These specialized glasses block the detrimental blue light that comes from artificial sources, such as smartphones.

Relieve Ocular Discomfort

If you work in front of a digital screen for hours in a day, then you are vulnerable to digital eyestrain. Wearing blue light glasses on a daily basis can reduce your eye discomfort and improve your focus. You will then notice an increase in your productivity and a decrease in eye fatigue as you work online.

Reduce Risk of Developing AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)

AMD is one of the leading causes of vision loss. With the help of blue light glasses, you can delay or prevent the onset of this condition.

Protect From Artificial Blue Light in Indoor Lighting

Your television and indoor lighting also emit harmful blue light. You can protect your eyes from their harmful effects by wearing blue light glasses.

Improve Sleep

Research shows that getting high levels of blue light before bed inhibits the production and release of melatonin. When this happens, your body doesn’t know that it is time to sleep. This results in sleep deprivation. To counter this, you should stop using your gadgets about two hours before bedtime. If you need to check emails before bedtime, make sure you wear your blue light glasses to block most of the harmful blue light from your mobile device.

Increase Awareness of Screen Time

Somehow, wearing blue light glasses can be a constant reminder that you are receiving high levels of blue light. When you wear these glasses, it tells you that you have to limit your exposure to your digital monitor and electronic gadgets. Although blue light glasses are ready to block synthetic blue light, it always helps to cut down your screen time.

Innovative types of blue light glasses can weaken the impact of digital eyestrain. Wearing them all day can block or reduce the effects of digital eyestrain and the onset of other eye conditions. At Family Vision Care Associates, we have a huge collection of blue light lenses that you can use daily or on special occasions. You can call our optometry office in White Plains, New York at (914) 359-3300 with any questions about blue light glasses or to schedule an appointment.



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