How to Properly Sanitize Your Glasses

How to Properly Sanitize Your Glasses

May 22, 2020

You just bought a new pair of eyeglasses. You decided for a few modern upgrades such as ultra-violet coatings, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection, in addition to the stylish frames. After all, your eyesight is a precious thing. It’s only wise to do everything you can to protect it.


Not only do smears on your lenses make it difficult for you to focus on your tasks, but it can also impact your health. It’s important to note that dirt can accumulate on your glasses’ ear clips and nose pads, causing skin problems. That’s why regular cleaning and sanitization is vital. But how do you ensure that you have clear glasses that are less prone to bacteria-causing infections? Read on to find the best ways to search for eyeglasses in White Plains NY to help you get the prescription glasses that fit your style and personality and how to sanitize your lenses properly.


Four Easy Steps to Properly Sanitize Your Glasses


The secret to cleaning and sanitizing your lenses is to keep it simple. Here’s how:


1. Wash your hands. Before cleaning and sanitizing your glasses, make sure that your hands are free from anything that could be transferred to your lenses, such as dirt. Use mild soap and a lint-free towel to wash and dry your hands.


2. Wet your eyeglasses. Run a gentle stream of warm, tap water on your glasses to smoothly remove dust and other debris. This is to avoid any scratch on your lenses upon sanitizing them. Never use saliva to dampen your lenses.


3. Use mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Get a mild soap to clean your glasses. It’s best to avoid those with lotion or soaps with denser consistency as they can leave behind residue. Also, please stay away from soap products with abrasive beads in them as they can scratch your lens coatings. Another option is to apply a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid to each lens and all parts of the frame. Make sure that you only use brands that are lotion-free. Rinse thoroughly, then gently shake your eyeglasses to get rid of the remaining water. Examine your lenses to ensure that they are clean.


4. Dry your glasses. Grab a perfectly clean, lint-free cotton towel to dry your eyeglasses. A dishtowel is also an excellent alternative so long as it has not been laundered with a dryer sheet or fabric softener as these items have substances that can smear your lenses. Inspect your lenses once more. Remove any remaining smudge or streak with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid using napkins, paper towels, or toilet paper for cleaning as they can scratch your lenses.


All eyewear gets scratches over time from regular use. But by following the above instructions, you can keep your glasses clean and clear for as long as possible. Whether your prescription eyeglasses have expired or damaged, Family Vision Care Associates would be more than happy to help you get a new pair. Visit our office today in White Plains, New York, or call us at (914) 359-3300 to schedule an appointment.

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