Can Ortho-K Lenses Correct Your Vision Permanently?

Can Ortho-K Lenses Correct Your Vision Permanently?

March 8, 2019

Ortho-K or orthokeratology lenses are designed to be worn at night and then removed when you wake up. This lens is a rigid, gas-permeable lens that shapes the eye while you sleep to force the shape of the cornea so that you don’t need corrective lenses to see throughout the day. This helps patients gain the benefits of surgeries or contact lenses, without having to wear them throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the effects of Ortho-k lenses are not permanent, but patients have experienced different time periods where they could still see clearly.

The Background

Ortho-K lenses were first developed in 1962, but continue to remain a more obscure lens type, and many people who could benefit from their use haven’t heard of them. However, Ortho-K is taught at all schools of optometry, although not all optometrists choose to take the courses or become proficient in this lens type. The lens has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for many types of vision correction and is even an FDA certified treatment. Ortho-K has been approved for both adults and children.

The Benefits

Most patients are specifically attracted to Ortho-K because they can go through their normal day without having to wear contacts, but still get the benefits of perfect vision. Additionally, there are no surgeries that they must undergo in order to receive those benefits.

Ortho-K also offers children the added benefit of helping to maintain their current eye condition and can help to avoid the worsening of their prescription as they age. For many people, the age of 40 carries significant change to your ability to see objects that are closer to you, like your watch, or the newspaper. Ortho-K lenses help to fend off these issues for even longer.


Other Names, Same Results

Many optometrists have created their own versions of the same therapy. However, they all come back to the same basic principles, and Ortho-K lenses continue to be considered the gold standard in the industry. Some of these proprietary names include Gentle Vision Shaping System or GVSS, GOV, or Driem. All these systems use the same procedure.

Who Should Get Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology lenses are a great option for almost anybody, including children and adults. Ortho-K lenses are great for treating near or farsightedness and astigmatism. People who are over the age of 40 that have difficulty with seeing objects closer to them may also be ideal candidates. Ortho-K lenses have also become particularly popular with athletes who can’t worry about wearing glasses or the potential of a contact lens becoming dislodged at a critical moment.

Additionally, if you are considering some of the surgery options to correct your vision, you are likely to be well-served by Ortho-K lenses. There are several significant concerns associated with laser surgery. The benefits of Ortho-K lenses are that you aren’t creating permanent changes to the eye and you leave options open without damaging your eyes.

How Long Does it Take to Start Working?

Typically, patients start noticing results as soon as the first day, but you can expect that the full benefits will take a few weeks. During this time, you should notice that your vision continues to improve over time, and the effects last even longer. In some studies, over 90% of patients were able to see 20/40 or better (twice the legal requirement to drive in most states).



If you have been considering corrective eye surgeries, you may want first to check out Ortho-K lenses. While the effects aren’t permanent, there is also no surgery or permanent changes to the eye. This means that if you change your mind later, you’ll still have all your options available so that you can truly make the best decision for yourself. Visit Family Vision Care Associates today to learn more about the Ortho-K treatment, or give them a call today at 914-240-2460. The staff at FVCA are top providers of eye care in the White Plains, New York area. Please do not hesitate to contact them today for any eye care needs you may have. 

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