What are Anti Fog or Fog Blocking Lenses?

What are Anti Fog or Fog Blocking Lenses?

October 27, 2020

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, fogging has become one of the most problematic issues faced by glasses wearers during 2020. We know that we need to wear masks to keep ourselves and others safe and to limit the spread of the virus, but the practicality of wearing a mask while also wearing glasses is much more difficult.


Fogging occurs when warm carbon dioxide that we exhale through our nose and mouth passes upwards, escaping out of small gaps in the top of the mask. When this warm air comes into contact with the colder lenses, it creates condensation which results in fogging. Fogged lenses are difficult to see out of, putting you at an increased risk of making mistakes or having an accident.


There are numerous ways of dealing with fogging including improved mask adjustment and opting for contact lenses over glasses. However, there is also a very easy and straightforward solution that is infinitely more reliable – anti-fog or fog-blocking lenses.

What are anti-fog/fog-blocking lenses?

As their name suggests, these lenses are specifically designed to remain clear and avoid the fogging that can occur when warm air comes into contact with a cold lens surface. This is made possible thanks to a special hydrophilic coating that is permanently bonded to the inner lens. This coating reduces the amount of surface tension and allows water droplets to instantly disperse, stopping condensation from forming and clinging to it. This fast fogging recovery enables the wearer to enjoy crisp, clear vision in all situations.


Anti-fogging treatments can usually be applied to most types of lenses and for all visual corrections, regardless of how severe they are.

Rec Specs anti-fog glasses

We are delighted to stock Rec Specs lenses that are available with a number of different lens coatings, including anti-reflective, polarizing, and FogBlok thermally cured anti-fog treatment that promotes clear and fog-free vision. This makes these glasses ideal for people who need to spend a considerable amount of time each day wearing both a mask and glasses – such as those in the health and medical professions. Rec Specs has this range of glasses specifically recommended for use by first responders. This enables you to focus on the job at hand, which you can perform to the best of your ability thanks to your clear vision, and removes all visual distractions that could be caused by fog.


If you’d like more information about anti-fogging lenses, or if you have any other concerns about wearing a mask with your glasses, don’t hesitate to speak to our team for further advice.

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