What Is a Contact Lens Evaluation?

What Is a Contact Lens Evaluation?

February 28, 2021

Many people with vision problems wonder why they have to pay more to have a prescription for contact lenses. This is because most eye doctors will not renew a prescription without testing a patient’s vision, evaluating the contact lens on the eye, and examining the eyes carefully for any signs of infection or damage from wearing contacts. This is what a contact lens evaluation is all about.


Eyeglasses wearers do not need this extra piece of examination. Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses. However, each patient is different. Some people prefer to wear contacts only on special occasions, while others wear them every day. This flexibility is the beauty of wearing contact lenses.


If you wear or want to start wearing contact lenses, you should ensure that they fit comfortably and properly. You should also understand contact lens hygiene and safety. Following a comprehensive eye examination, your eye doctor will take different measurements to determine and fit the appropriate lenses to your eyes.


Components of a Contact Lens Evaluation:


Examination of the Cornea Without Contact Lenses


Your eye doctor will use a slit lamp microscope to thoroughly examine your corneal tissue. Your contact lenses sit on the clear surface over the top of your iris, known as the cornea. The corneal tissue acts as a window through which light passes into your eyes.


Contact lenses can damage or injure the tissue of the cornea if they are too loose, too tight, or not allowing sufficient oxygen to pass through. Your eye doctor will look for any signs of contact lens complications, such as scars or blood vessels growing in the corneal tissue.


Your cornea should be clear. When blood vessels start invading your cornea, it may be a sign of inadequate oxygen passage. Consequently, you will have cloudy corneal tissue, red-rimmed eyes, and areas that are highly susceptible to infection. These complications mean that you need to either change the way you wear your contact lenses or change your contact lenses.


Vision Evaluation and Prescription Selection


Your eyeglasses prescription will help your eye doctor determine the right contact lens powers for you. Your eyeglasses Rx, however, is different from your contact lens prescription. If you have astigmatism or the prescription for your glasses is high, your eye doctor will perform mathematical calculations to change the Rx of your eyeglasses into the right contact lens power.


Contact lenses sit on your eyes, while glasses sit on your face. The higher your contact lens prescription, the more the difference in distance will matter. Therefore, it is important to have your eye doctor check your vision with your contact lenses during your eye examination.


Evaluation of the Contact Lenses on Your Eyes


Think of your contact lenses as shoes, which come in different sizes and shapes. Similarly, you need to use properly-shaped contact lenses that fit your unique eyes. No contact lens brand will work for every patient. Your eyes are a vital part of your life; therefore, you need to wear contact lenses that fit properly to reduce the risk of infection and scarring.


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