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If you suffer from the conditionof dry eye, it is likely finding a solution to relieve discomfort is on your mind. Make an appointment with Family Vision Care Associates in White Plains to meet with our optometry staff for relief. Here is some information about dry eye to read over so you better understand this condition and the steps necessary to avoid and treat it when necessary.

What Is Dry Eye?

If your eyes do create enough natural lubrication or they do not drain properly, dry eye is the result. Tears provide moisture to the corneas of the eyes, helping to wash away foreign matter and keep eyes protected against infections. If your body does not produce enough tears, dry, itchy, and painful eyes are the result. After tears are produced, they drain behind the eyes into the nasal passage. Dry eye is an imbalance between tear production and drainage.

The Causes of Dry Eye

There are several reasons why dry eye occurs. It is a common occurrence in people as they age. It is found more often in women as hormonal changes can cause tear production to wane. The use of medication can reduce the production of tears. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, a thyroid condition, or diabetes, dry eye is a symptom associated with these medical difficulties. Using a computer monitor often, long-term contact lens wear or environmental changes also cause dry eyes for some people.

How The Condition Is Diagnosed

Our optometry staff will do an assessment of your eyes to determine if dry eye is a concern. Be sure to alert our optometrist about any symptoms you have been experiencing. Your eye health history, as well as your general medical history, is evaluated to determine the causes of changes to your eyes. Your eyes are then examined using magnification and illumination tools to check the tear output present in your eyes.

Treatment Options For Dry Eye

If dry eye is diagnosed, you have a few options available to increase the amount of lubrication your eyes generate. In many cases, prescription artificial tears are used to lubricate your eyes whenever dry eye symptoms occur. If artificial tears do not clear up the problem, blocking the tear ducts in the eyes can help to conserve tears to help keep them in the eyes for longer durations of time. Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acid or taking a supplement with this nutrient helps to increase the production of tears in the eyes.

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